Announcement of new feature, copied from the PoP blog.

PoP uses its own tabs to switch among all pages opened by the user. PoP has now a new feature, which offers the user to re-open all tabs opened in the previous session, by displaying a message box at the footer of the page:

Reopen previous session tabs?

For users browsing the website with Chrome or Firefox, this feature is combined with PoP’s progressive web app capabilities, through which all previously loaded pages are cached in the browser, so they will open instantly, and can be viewed even if the user is offline.

To test it, click to open several pages in this current website and then reload the website in the browser… Enjoy!

Published by Leonardo Losoviz

I'm the founder of the PoP framework. I've been working in this project since April 2013, when developing the website for MESYM (, an environmental NGO in Malaysia which I co-founded. Later on, I've used the software to launch other projects, such as TPP Debate ( and Agenda Urbana ( And since September 2016, I'm offering the PoP software as open source for the community to benefit from it. 3D53 5A36 A309 8A5E F304 B41D B8F0 D252 1FA9 EF2E