The rise of the new information gatekeepers

Published by Jun-E Tan

I am a freelance researcher on issues related to sustainable development. I write, I talk to people, I try to make as big a difference as I can. I've been running since 2013, an online platform for environmental issues in Malaysia. My motivation for working on is to amplify all the good work that has been done by environmentalists in Malaysia, and to make it easier for the public to join the movement by providing them with the information needed to make that step. RIPESS Asia ( is my latest project for enabling civil society participation in issues of public interest; and there are some other interesting projects in the pipeline still. I've been a researcher most of my adult life. In terms of my academic background, I'm a bit of a mutt. I have a PhD in Communication (Nanyang Technological University), Master's degree in Public Policy (Universiti Malaya) and Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Engineering (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman). I worked with the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia as a senior analyst upon finishing my doctorate, and am currently a freelance researcher. My research interests include social and solidarity economy in Malaysia, social media and trust (my PhD case study was Couchsurfing), Malaysian blogs and politics (co-authored a book with Prof Dr. Wan Zawawi Ibrahim), and a smattering of other things. I seek to participate in worthy projects that contribute value to society, and I am always open to collaborating with social entrepreneurs and other researchers.

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