Social networking features: comparing PoP with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and Medium

The PoP framework has been inspired by many of the most successful social networks out there, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and Medium. Indeed, PoP has implemented a great many of the worthy social-networking features from these other websites. PoP aims to create a decentralized social network, composed by many small niche social networks, which […]

PoP framework to be presented in AoIR 2016

We are very proud to have been accepted to present a paper on the PoP framework in AoIR 2016, the conference for internet researches, on October 5th to 8th in Berlin, Germany. During our presentation, we will show how the PoP software works, and how it attempts to break the information monopoly from large internet […]

Welcome to!

Hi everyone, welcome to the website! We are very proud of launching it, since it’s the realization of more than 3 years of hard work into the PoP software. Through this website, we’ll be finally able to offer it as open source to the community, and hopefully we’ll get contributors to make the software […]